About Us

Blue Twig Studio is a community resource interested in building a support system for novice artists, expert artists, and all artistic dabblers as they embark on their creative journey. It is our mission to promote the art world, from mixed media and fiber arts to creative gifts by local artists to paper arts, by inspiring connection through community and having a variety of products to assist you in your creative endeavors, from Assemblage Art to Zentangle®, and everything in between.
As a community store and website, we intend to create a strong web of connection, offering up support and inspiration to artists on their journeys, and providing a space to share experiences, ideas, and new discoveries.
We will offer a variety of products including paints and adhesives and PFD fabrics and stencils and ribbons and whatever else you may need. We will also offer vintage and found objects and book pages to aid in your creativity. Each quarter you will find new class offerings from our personally selected instructors. They promise to assist you on your creative journey in a gentle and helpful manner.
Blue Twig Studio is here for you! We encourage you to play and experiment and to keep creating - strengthening your connection to your inner muse and artist.

We welcome your questions and concerns. We wish you all the best in your mixed media art journey. And remember to have fun!